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KEO Cutters
KEO Cutters

Made in U.S.A. Since 1941

KEO Cutters - a name you can trust!

KEO Cutters offers an extensive line of the finest quality tools available, priced to fit your budget. From high performance carbide end mills to center reamers, combined drills & countersinks, whatever your cutting requirements, KEO Cutters provides the highest quality tools on the market today. All KEO Cutters tools utilize proven tool coatings for utmost cutting accuracy & tool longevity.

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"Nobody cuts it better than KEO!"

Combined Drill & Countersinks & Drills

KEO Cutters Combined Drill & Countersinks & Drills are distributed by ISMS

  • NC Spotting Drills

  • Spotting & Centering Drills

  • Combined Drill & Countersinks

End Mills

KEO Cutters End Mills

  • High Performance Carbide End Mills

  • Amphorus Diamond Coated

  • Miniature Carbide

  • Corner Radius Carbide 2- & 4-Flute

  • High Helix Tools 3-Flute

  • Roughing Carbide

  • Carbide Multi-Flute

  • Carbide End Mills

  • Miniature M42 & HSS End Mills

Countersinks & Kounterbores

KEO Cutters Countersinks & Kounterbores


  • ZErO Flute Countersink & Deburring Tools

  • Single Flute Countersinks

  • 3- & 4-Flute Center Reamers

  • 4- & 6-Flute

  • 6-Flute Countersinks

  • Kounterbores, 3-Flute Cap Screw

Milling Cutters

KEO Cutters Milling Cutters


  • Keyseat Cutters
  • Dovetail Cutters
  • T-Slot Milling Cutters

Tool Coatings

TiN -General purpose coating for Steels, Stainless Steels and Inconel. Excellent wear characteristics in roughing applications.

TiCN - High performance in Die and Mold Steels, Hardened Materials, Steels and Stainless Steel. Ability to run at increased Feeds and Speeds over TiN coated tools.

TiALN - Best results in Dry Milling applications at high temperatures. Works well in Hardened Materials, Titanium Alloys, Stainless Steels, Cast Irons, Graphite and HSM applications.

AMPHORUS DIAMOND (AD) - A smooth, hard, thin film coating used primarily for machining graphite and non-ferrous materials. Applied at low temperatures under 150 degrees centigrade, thin film diamond enhances the surface properties of carbide without distorting the concentricity of the end mill.

Tool Sets


ISMS distributes KEO Cutters Tool Sets


"Nobody cuts it better than KEO!"

ISMS distributes CJWINTER, LMT FETTE, BIJUR LUBRICATING, ROYAL FILTERMIST, PROCUNIER, HARDINGE, EVERETT INDUSTRIES & dozens of other fine product lines for the precision metalworking industry.  Please visit our Products  page.

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