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Albrecht, Precision Drill Chuck Manufacturer

from Royal Products

"The World's Most Consistently Accurate Drill Chucks"

Outstanding Quality & Accuracy for Over 100 Years

The Josef Albrecht Bohrfutterfabrik GmbH & Co., located in Wernau, Germany, has been a leading builder of precision drill chucks since 1908. In 1932, the Classic Keyless Drill Chuck was developed and has since become known as the most consistently accurate drill chuck manufactured anywhere in the world.

Albrecht APC Milling Chucks are Precision Clamping Chucks that excel at all machining tasks.

New — Albrecht APC Milling Chucks

The Albrecht APC High Performance Milling Chuck, the World's Most Advanced Tool Holder, is Revolutionizing CNC Machining. Albrecht is setting a new standard with their high performance APC Milling Chucks. The Albrecht APC Milling Chuck is a precision clamping chuck that excels at all machining tasks. The tremendous gripping torque, high accuracy, and simple, safe operation make it an excellent choice. One tool holder does it all:

  • Heavy Duty Roughing
  • Hard Milling
  • Reaming
  • Precision Finish Milling
  • Mold Making
  • Tapping
  • High Speed Cutting
  • Drilling
Albrecht APC Milling Chuck  Albrecht APC Milling Chucks — Features & Advantages:
  • High Speed Balanced - All APC Milling Chucks are dynamically balanced to G25@20,000 rpm for high-speed operation.
  • Safe - There is no danger of being burned from heat shrinking equipment.
  • Thru-Coolant - A central thru-coolant feature is standard on all Albrecht APC Milling Chucks.
  • Simple Operation - The APC is easily operated by means of an included hex key. There is no expensive heating equipment to purchase, and there is no down-time waiting for tools to heat up and cool down.
  • Powerful Gripping Torque - The APC achieves extremely high gripping torque through the combination of a precision worm gear and a slow collet taper angle. Gripping torque at 1/2" diameter is 200 Nm (1770 in lbs), exceeding that of a hydraulic and shrink-fit systems by 50-95%.
  • Unique Collets - A proprietary surface coating allows for easy loosening and fast collet changes. Collets are available in both inch and metric sizes and include a depth stop screw for precise length adjustment of the cutting tool.
  • Large Capacity - The various APC models can grip tools from 1/8" to 1-1/4" diameter.
  • Ultra-Precision Accuracy - The APC achieves ultra-precision accuracy with runout guaranteed to be 0.00012" TIR or better at 2.5 x D.
  • Extreme Rigidity - Albrecht APC Milling Chucks provide outstanding rigidity and vibration dampening characteristics, resulting in better part finishes and a significant increase in cutting tool life.
  • Sealed Construction - The APC Chuck incorporates dual seals to protect all internal components from coolant and dirt.

Download Royal Products Albrecht Drill Chucks Catalog
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Albrecht Precision Drill Chucks

Albrecht Key-Lock CNC Drill Chucks are available from ISMS Albrecht Key-Lock CNC Drill Chucks
  • CAT Taper Shanks
  • BT Taper Shanks
  • VDI Shanks
  • Straight Shanks
  • HSK Taper Shanks
  • Standard & Diamond-Coated Jaws
Albrecht Wrench-Lock CNC Drill Chucks Albrecht Wrench-Lock CNC Drill Chucks
  • CAT Taper Shanks
  • BT Taper Shanks
Albrecht Classic Plus Keyless Drill Chucks with Integral Shank Drill Chucks Albrecht Classic Plus Keyless Drill Chucks with Integral Shank Drill Chucks
  • CAT Taper Shanks
  • BT Taper Shanks
Albrecht Classi-Lock Keyless Drill Chucks with Reverse Lock Albrecht Classi-Lock Keyless Drill Chucks with Reverse Lock
  • Jacobs Taper Mounts
  • Standard & Diamond-Coated Jaws
Albrecht Classic Keyless Drill Chucks Albrecht Classic Keyless Drill Chucks
  • Jacobs Taper Mounts
  • Threaded Mounts
  • Standard & Diamond-Coated Jaws
  • Stainless Steel Models
  • Thru-Hole for EDM use

Albrecht Accessories

Albrecht Sensitive Drill Feed AccessoryAlbrecht Chuck Removal Tool Albrecht Drill Chuck Accessories
  • Sensitive Drill Feeds
  • Chuck Removal Tools

Albrecht Arbors

Albrecht Arbors
Albrecht Arbors - High Quality, High-Grade
  • Manufactured from high-grade alloy steels
  • Hardened for long life
  • Ground concentric within 0.0001"
  • Guarantee: If an Albrecht chuck ever slips on an Albrecht arbor, Albrecht will repair or replace them at no charge

Albrecht V-Flange CAT & BT Taper Arbors

Albrecht V-Flange CAT and BT Taper Arbors
Albrecht Straight Shank Arbor Albrecht Straight Shank Arbor
Albrecht Morse Taper Arbor
Albrecht Morse Taper Arbor
Albrecht Morse R8 Taper Arbor Albrecht R8 Taper Arbor

Albrecht is just one of the many Royal Products metalworking accessories brands distributed by ISMS. Royal’s sister company, Albrecht, Inc., is the U.S. subsidiary of the Josef Albrecht Bohrfutterfabrik GmbH & Co.  Royal Products is pleased to offer Albrecht Precision Drill Chucks to the metalworking industry in North America.

Do you bar-feed?  ISMS distributes the Royal Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator for CNC Lathes, a parts collection accessory, & Royal CNC Bar Pullers for lathes & CNC turning centers.

ISMS distributes Royal Filtermist Mist & Smoke Collectors for metalworking pollution control & much more. Visit our Products page.

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