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brand was acquired by ATI Stellram's Landis® Threading Systems in June 2013, & later sold to Landis Solutions, LLC. 
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ISMS has been your source for Geometric chasers & die heads under the Greenfield Industries, GTD, & ATI Stellram brands.
ISMS is proud to be an Authorized Distributor for Landis Solutions Threading Products.
We provide the information below for your reference only.


H & G Die Heads & Chasers - a Landis Threading Systems brand.

Formerly a Greenfield Industries brand;
formerly a GTD - Greenfield Tap & Die
brand from Kennametal.

Chasers,  Die Heads and carriers

H&G Chasers

Ground thread chasers are available in standard and many special thread forms. The blanks are heat treated and precision ground before creep feed thread grinding.  Creep feed grinding produces an exceptional micro-finish in the chaser threads. Thread diameters from *0 to 3" & M3 to M24.

  • Insert Chasers 00 Series, 4 per set

  • Insert Chasers 100 Series, 4 per set

  • Insert Chasers 100 Series, 5 per set 

H&G also Repairs & Rebuilds H&G Die Heads.

H&G Insert Style Chaser Die Heads

  • Style MMC & MMVC - Rotary Yoke-Operated Insert Chaser Head - Standard Shank

  • Style SAMN & SAMAN - Solid Adjustable Insert Chaser Die Heads - Standard Shank

H&G Carriers

  • Standard Carriers

  • Under and over capacity, left hand and larger size carriers are available on request

Products for H&G™ and Vers-O-Tool   

  • Style CGB 100 Complete Grinding Fixture with Head for grinding Vers-O-Tool and H&G Chasers

  • Style CGB  100 Fixture Grinding Adapters for Circular Chasers and Hollow Milling Cutters; used in Vers-O-Tool Die Head Styles DR, DS, DRD, DBS, DRF, and DSF

  • Style CGB 100 Fixture Grinding Adapters for Insert Chasers

  • Micrometer Gages - Two (2) Barrel; for checking grinds on Vers-O-Tool circular chasers and cutters

  • Pull Back Wrenches (Brass) - for circular chasers

H&G is one of the many Landis Solutions styles distributed by ISMS. 

ISMS also distributes Quality Chaser, Genesee Hollow Mills, & much more!

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