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ISMS™ is a Distributor for Holo-Krome Socket Head Fasteners - Alloy & Stainless Socket Head Cap Screws - Inch, Metric, & Non-Standard Sizes/Lengths, including Zinc with Clear Chromate - Low Head/Flat Head/Button Head Cap Screws & more.

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Holo-Krome, premium fastener manufacturer.

HOLO-KROME® Premium Socket Head Fasteners

Holo-Krome fasteners are available from ISMS.

A Proud History of Quality Since 1929
Made in the USA - Lifetime Warranty

Reliable, high quality fasteners from Holo-Krome.  Tough.  Rugged.  Able to withstand enormous loads & constant stress.

Choose Holo-Krome® Critical Application Fasteners — When it Matters Most.

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Holo-Krome socket head fasteners - Made in the USA.

Holo-Krome... It Speaks for Itself

The market for Holo-Krome fasteners is as great as the need for threaded fastenings to hold metal parts together or adjust them to one another. Wherever screws are called for to perform their basic function of fastening metal parts securely, at the same time permitting ready separation of the parts in the event of repairs, replacements or adjustments, there is a style and size of Holo-Krome hex-socket screw to do the job more easily, more quickly and more dependably — at lower cost in the long run.

Hardly an industry can be named that doesn’t need Holo-Krome products.. In the tools and machines that make and process the great variety of commodities used in every day living; in the broad fields of communication, transportation, agriculture, mining and construction. You will find countless places where Holo-Krome products are on the job, prepared to fulfill their important assignment of holding firmly against every dislodging force.Holo-Krome socket head fasteners - tough, dependable, high quality.

Holo-Krome... Tough Shape Technology

Holo-Krome fasteners are available in sizes & styles to make your job quick, easy, & at lower cost in the long run.Since its formation in 1929, Holo-Krome has been at the forefront of fastener development and innovation. The company was organized around what was a revolutionary idea at the time - the manufacture of socket screws by metal forming or heading rather than machining. Extending our heritage of innovation, we later invented the “Thermo-Forged®” process in which the metal is prewarmed to improve its plasticity for forming.

Holo-Krome’s Thermo-Forging techniques result in socket screws which are more precise, offer greater strength and afford higher fatigue resistance. Holo-Krome products are recognized for their uniformity, and for being virtually free of the bursts, minute cracks, tears and fractures sometimes found in other, inferior, products.

Please feel free to contact ISMS if you would like more information on Holo-Krome fasteners.

Holo-Krome Inch Socket Heads

  • Socket Head Cap Screws - Alloy Steel

  • Socket Head Cap Screws - Stainless

  • Low Head Cap Screws

  • Flat Head Cap Screws

  • Button Head Cap Screws

  • Socket Set Screws - Cup Point

  • Socket Set Screws - Holo-Knurl® Point

  • Shoulder Screws

  • Dowel Pins

  • Pull Dowels

  • Allen Nuts

  • Pressure Plugs

  • Jam Screws

Holo-Krome Metric Socket Heads

  • Socket Head Cap Screws

  • Socket Head Cap Screws - Blue

  • Low Head Cap Screws

  • Flat Head Cap Screws

  • Button Head Cap Screws

  • Socket Set Screws

  • Shoulder Screws

  • Dowel Pins

Holo-Krome Non-Standard Socket Head Cap Screws

  • Non-Standard Lengths - Inch

  • Non-Standard Lengths - Metric

  • Zinc with Clear Chromate - Inch

  • Zinc with Clear Chromate - Metric

ISMS distributes Holo-Krome & much more.  We distribute screw machine tooling from Somma Tool, Royal Products, Landis, Hannibal Carbide, Procunier & many others.  Please visit our Products page, or give us a call.
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