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ISMS™ is an Authorized Distributor for Martindale Products Metal-Working Saw Blades in High Speed Steel & Solid Carbide, for the Screw Machine, CNC Swiss Precision, Machining, & Electric Motor Repair Industries. 

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Martindale saws are available from ISMS   
Founded in 1913 as a tool manufacturer for the electric motor repair industry

Martindale Metal-Working Saw Blades

Martindale is a pioneer in the manufacture of circular saw blades for the metal cutting industry. 

NEWS:  Martindale has acquired GAYLEE SAW CO.

Whether you are mica undercutting, cutting-off, slotting, or slitting most any material, Martindale Products has a saw for your application. Martindale saws are available in both High Speed Steel or Solid Carbide. The varied sizes, tooth configuration, special shapes, and special ID and OD's, used in the Screw Machine, CNC Swiss Precision, Machining, and Electric Motor Repair Industries can be purchased from Martindale.

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Solid Carbide Metal-Working Saws

Martindale Solid Carbide Slitting / Slotting Saws
  • C-2 Carbide

  • Hollow Ground For Side Clearance
  • Rake Angle of Teeth: 5° Pos.
  • Metric Sizes Available

While High-Speed Steel Saws handle  most slotting tasks, Tungsten-Carbide Saws have steadily gained in popularity for many applications, especially where shock-loading does not appear to be a factor.  Carbide, while harder than steel, is brittle and should not be subjected to applications where shock may shorten the service life of the tool.

Martindale Solid Carbide Cut-Off Saws
  • C-2 Carbide

  • Hollow Ground For Side Clearance
  • Rake Angle of Teeth: 5 Degrees Positive
  • Keyways are optional at extra cost
These saws are used for Rotary Cut-Off applications. The saws are made from  C-2 Micro Grain Carbide and are produced to very close tolerances.

Martindale Metal-Working Saws are manufactured completely in our own plant in Cleveland, Ohio.  We take great pride in our quality and our worldwide acceptance.  We have over 200,000 finished and semi-finished saws in stock and can ship most orders the same day as received.

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