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North American Tool - Specialty Taps, Dies & Gages


North American Tool special taps, dies & gages are made with pride in the USA.

North American Tool Corporation
is a worldwide industry leader in special taps with a broad spectrum of premium quality threading tool products. Founded in 1986, North American Tool has three "Back-to-Basics" goals and ideals: 
Outstanding Customer Service - Quality Products - Shipped on Time.

North American Tool is designed to offer rapid shipment of precision crafted special taps, dies, gages and special threading tools to discriminating cutting tool users around the world.  Contact ISMS for North American Tool special taps, special dies, special gages, & other threading tool products.

SPECIAL TAPS — Shipped Fast
North American Tool Application-Specific Blueprint Special TapsApplication-Specific Blueprint Special Taps

North American Tool's experienced team of cutting tool specialists will provide design expertise or work from your blueprint specifications to manufacture reliable special taps that meet your exact specifications. We can do this in as few as seven days, depending on the specialty of design and quantity ordered. 

North American Tool Coolant-Fed Special TapCoolant-Fed Taps
  • North American Tool Coolant-Fed Taps are an ideal tapping method for blind hole applications.
  • Allows optimal chip ejection through coolant-fed design.
  • Increased production through longer tool life and more tapped holes per tool,
    resulting in lower machining cost per part.
  • Taps cut cleaner and more accurately.
  • Tap life can be further extended through use of various surface treatments,
    depending on material of part being tapped.

More information on North American Tool Blueprint Special Taps

North American Tool Cost Cutter Combined Drill & TapCost Cutter Combined Drill & Tap
  • Cost Cutters are designed to perform two operations in one pass.
  • Significantly increases part throughput in production runs.
  • Drill designed with a helical point, which eliminates a center-drilling/punching operation.
  • Available as popular specials in inch, metric and pipe sizes; blueprint specials to exact specifications also available.
  • Specify Cost Cutters for unmatched savings and increased production, with tight tolerances.
  • For use on through-hole applications only.
  • Drill point must break through part prior to threading.
  • Stock Cost Cutters are designed to drill and tap 'through-holes' up to 2X the nominal diameter.
  • Spindle speeds should be set at normal speed for tapping specific material being machined; as with any tapping operation, a reversing spindle is required.
North American Tool Metric TapsMetric Taps

Metric-Dimensional Taps

  • 24-Hour Shipment of Metric Popular Special Taps.
  • 10-12 day shipment of Blueprint Special Metric Taps.
  • Experienced engineers and thread tool craftsmen provide cost-effective, workable solutions to your metric tap, die and thread gage requirements.
  • Value added partnerships with our Industrial Distributors to ensure results for customers using metric tooling.

Metric-Dimensional Taps...from North American Tool

  • ANSI, DIN and ISO-529 dimensioned taps
  • Solid Carbide and Carb-I-Sert
  • Tru-Flo® Thread Forming Taps
  • Cost CutterTM Combined Drill & Tap
  • Coolant-Fed (Oil Hole)
  • Blueprint Specials
  • Extension Taps / Pulley Taps
  • Spiral Point / Spiral Flute
  • Oversize Taps
  • Left-Hand Cut
  • TiN-coat (from stock)

...and other Metric threading tools:  Thread Mills, Threading Dies, Thread Gages

North American Tool Catalogs & Product Literature

North American Tool Tru-Flo Thread Forming TapsTru-Flo ® Thread Forming Taps
  • Improved thread quality and strength due to fluteless design of tap; allows greater fastener strength in threaded product.
  • Tapping speeds can be increased as much as double that of conventional cutting taps...more tapped holes per hour.
  • Thread forming (over thread cutting) eliminates costly and time-consuming chip clean-up and disposal.
  • Improved tap life, even in abrasive cutting edges to get dull.
  • Lubrication grooves allow forced passage of air and lubricant when tapping.
  • Simplifies tapping of problematic blind bottoming holes where adequate chip clearance is impossible with chip-producing cutting taps.
  • Available with a variety of surface treatments to optimize tap life and cutting performance.
  • Popular special Tru-Flo sizes shipped in 24-Hours
North American Tool Acme/Trapezoidal TapsAcme/Trapezoidal Taps
  • Includes Modified Square Thread & Special Acmes
  • North American Tool Corporation offers a wide array of Acme / Trapezoidal thread taps, as well as modified and special thread form taps...shipped fast.
  • Standard, General Purpose Acme Taps (2G Class of Fit)
  • Special Acme Taps (to Table 302 Blank Dimensions)
  • Acme Tap Sets (Roughing, Semi-Finishing, Finishing)
  • Tandem Style Acme Taps (Roughing/Finishing in One Pass)
  • Stub Acme
  • Modified Square Thread
  • Buttress Thread Taps
  • Ball Screw Taps




North American Tool Thread MillsNorth American Tool thread mills are manufactured from micro-grain carbide, with TIN coating if specified for maximum tool life and cutting speeds.
  • Thread different hole diameters with one tool.
  • Helical flute design allows smoother, cleaner cuts and extended tool life.
  • Programming and technical support available.
  • Exceptional thread finish on a wide range of materials, including tough, exotic materials.
  • Special designs available to suit your application.


North American Tool Thread Plug & Ring GagesThread Plug & Ring Gages
  • Thread Plug Gages - UNC, UNF & UNEF
    Class 2B - 3B, Taperlock & Reversible,
    + Metric Sizes - Class 6H
  • Thread Ring Gages - UNC, UNF & UNEF
    Class 2A - 3A
    + Metric Sizes - Class 6g
  • Truncated Thread Setting Plug Gages
    Class 2A - 3A
    + Metric Sizes - Class 6g
  • Thread Plug Gages - STI
    Screw Thread Insert
  • BSP Plug Gages
    (BSPT, BSPP)
  • Taper Pipe Gages - Plugs & Rings
    NPT-L1, L1 & L2 Rings,
    NPTF L1 & L3 Plugs,
    NPTF Crest Check Plugs & Rings
North American Tool Cylindrical Plug & Ring GageSpecial Cylindrical Plug & Ring Gages 
  • Special Reversibles from .0040" through 1.0100"
    (Class XX, X, Y, Z, ZZ plugs available in steel, chrome or carbide)
    (Standard Length: 2" long / Step Gages: 2" long / Long Length: up to 12" long)
  • Special Taperlocks from .1050" through 1.5100"
    (Class XX, X, Y, Z, ZZ plugs available in steel or chrome)
  • Special Trilocks from .7600" through 6.0100"
    (Class XX, X, Y, Z, ZZ plugs available in steel or chrome)
  • Special Progressive Gages from .1050" through 4.5100" (Class XX, X, Y, Z, ZZ plugs available in steel or chrome)
  • Special Hex Gages (Go/NoGo tolerances)
  • Special Steel and Chrome Ring Gages from .0701" through 12.2600"
  • Special Carbide Ring Gages from .0590" through 1.5100" 


North American Tool Threading DiesNorth American Tool Round & Hex Adapters
  • Popular special round adjustable dies in sizes from #5-40 NC through 2"-20 NS with O.D.’s 13/16”, 1”,1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”. Include pipe (NPT/NPS) sizes and Whitworth pipe full form (BSPT/BSPP) sizes.
  • Metric sizes from M3 X 0.5 through M39 X 4.0 with O.D.’s 20.6mm, 25.4mm, 38.1mm, 50.8mm, 63.5mm, 76.2mm.
  • Special round adjustable dies from #4 through 2"; and M3 through M48 (OD's from 1" through 3").
  • Hex dies from 1/4" through 3-1/2" (including .969”-32 N-05 Locknut Hex Dies); Metric hex dies from M6 through M88.
  • Round adapters and hex adapters are available.
  • For full specials, consult North American Tool Customer Service Dept.


North American Tool Solid Carbide TapsSolid Carbide Taps
  • North American Tool Solid Carbide Taps allow higher metal removal rates through higher speeds.
  • Superior strength of solid carbide taps is ideally suited to the economic tapping of abrasive 'space age alloys', and nonferrous materials.
  • Dramatic increase in tap life, with less downtime through fewer tool changes.
  • Carbide offers excellent cutting edge wear resistance.
  • Can be used with surface treatments to enhance tool life and performance.
  • Solid Carbide Taps are available in a wide range of sizes (inch and metric) in both straight and taper pipe threads.
  • Also available with special design characteristics and geometry...60° Thread Forms, Pipe Threads, Form Taps, S.T.I. (Screw Thread Insert) Taps.


North American Tool Carb-I-Sert Insert TapCarb-I-Sert ® Carbide Insert Taps
  • Economical way to utilize the benefits of carbide with solid carbide cutting face inserts meticulously brazed to a H.S.S. tap body.
  • High speed steel body absorbs excessive shock and offers the rigidity necessary to minimize carbide breakage or chipping.
  • Ideal for high production runs, offering the capability to achieve higher speeds and feeds, with fewer tool changes.
  • High performance tapping allows greater efficiencies in part throughput.
  • Can also be used in conjunction with surface treatments for enhanced performance.
  • Carb-I-Sert ® Taps are available in a wide range of sizes (inch and metric) in both straight and taper pipe threads.


Cutting LubricantSmart Cut® Tapping Drilling and Sawing Fluid
  • Environmentally SMART...ozone friendly.
  • Contains no carbon tetrachloride or 1,1,1-Trichloroethane.
  • Maximum accuracy in machined parts.
  • Designed to extend tool life.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Penetrates to the tool's cutting edge and stays on the tool.
  • Eliminates hassles of costly hazardous waste disposal.
  • Excellent friction-reducing properties.
  • Does not contain any animal-derived components or components synthesized from animal-derived materials.

"Get 'back-to-basics' with North American Tool."
North American Tool Taps, Dies & Gages. Quality. Quick.


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