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ISMS™ is an Authorized Distributor for NTK Cutting Tools including Swiss Tooling (Series SS), for CNC Swiss-type screw machines. NTK Cutting Tools are available in BIDEMICS, Ceramic, Cermet, CBN & carbide grades.

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NTK Cutting Tools

NTK Cutting Tools is a division of NGK Spark Plug Ltd.  With a long history and experience in ceramics materials technology, NTK is a world leader able to deliver quality and value to customers. 

NTK Cutting Tools offers tools in our BIDEMICS, Ceramic, Cermet, CBN, and carbide grades; an extensive line of turning holders and milling cutters; and a comprehensive line of Swiss tools.

NTK Swiss tooling, Series SS for CNC lathes Swiss Tooling for CNC Lathes - Series SS (Swiss-Style) - NTK SS tooling offers tool holders and inserts for front and back turning, grooving, and cutoff, in inch and metric sizes.

Key Features:

  • Unique back turning design inserts and toolholders
  • Available in KM3, ZM3, QM3 micro-grain carbide or XT3 cermet grades
  • All micro-grain carbide inserts have an “up-sharp” cutting edge for high-shear cutting action
  • Tool holder shank sizes range from 8 ~ 25mm, 3/8" and 1/2"
  • Strong stable clamping system for maximum rigidity
  • Indexable inserted boring bar 5mm (0.197") for minimum ID bore
  • Cut off inserts as small as 0.70mm (0.028")

SS Series Swiss Tooling Applications - Work Pieces:

  • Small parts for automobiles, watches, cameras, medical, hydraulic, and office automation equipment, etc.

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Tooling example for gang tooling applications: Tooling example with tools classified by applications:
NTK Swiss Tooling - example for gang tooling applications. NTK Swiss Tooling - example with tools classified by applications.

In addition to Swiss tooling, NTK offers the following cutting tools: NTK Ceramic Series Tooling
  • Ceramic Series - HC1, HW2, HC2, HC5, ZC4, HC6
NTK Silicon Nitride Series Tooling
  • Silicon Nitride Series - SX5, SX1, SP1, SP2, SX8
NTK Cermet Series Tooling
  • Cermet Series - T3N, XT3, C30, T35, C45, XN4
NTK Micrograin Carbide Tooling
  • Micrograin Carbide - KM3, QM3, ZM3
NTK Cubic Boron Nitride Tooling
  • Cubic Boron Nitride - B16, B20, B24, B26 
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