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ISMS™ is an Authorized Distributor for Royal CNC Bar Pullers from Royal Products - Compact, Heavy Duty, Combo, & Grippex Coolant-Actuated. Royal CNC Bar Pullers are an Easy & Inexpensive Means to Automate ANY CNC Lathe or CNC Turning Center. 

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Royal Products manufactures CNC Bar Pullers & other precision metalworking accessories.
Royal Products
CNC Bar Pullers
Get low-cost automation with a Royal CNC Bar Puller. For use on any CNC Lathe or CNC Turning Center. Call ISMS for a quote.

Use a Royal CNC Bar Puller on
ANY CNC Lathe or Turning Center

Models include:

  • Compact

  • Heavy-Duty

  • Combo

  • Grippex Coolant-Actuated

Automate Any CNC Lathe or CNC Turning Center for Lights-Out Production — It's Easy & Inexpensive with Royal CNC Bar Pullers.

Bar pullers improve productivity by enabling CNC lathes to run unattended, freeing up operators to handle other tasks. Royal bar pullers require minimal setup, & can easily fit to any CNC lathe.

Royal bar pullers have numerous advantages over bar feeders:

  • Bar pullers are much less expensive. The average cost of a Royal CNC bar puller is $600, compared to $10,000 to $30,000 for a bar feeder.
  • Royal bar pullers are easier to setup & use — no electrical interface with the machine tool control is required.
  • Bar pullers don't waste valuable floor space.
  • Bar pullers can be easily moved from machine to machine as jobs require.
  • Royal bar pullers offer maintenance-free operation.
  COMPACT  CNC Bar Puller
Royal Products Compact CNC Bar Puller
Pricing & Specifications
for Royal Compact CNC Bar Puller
(Adobe PDF File - Approx. 206 KB)
Royal Compact CNC Bar Pullers are great for use with small CNC lathes. Compact design minimizes tool interference.
  • The Royal Compact CNC Bar Puller is designed for use on all CNC lathes, but is particularly well-suited for use on small machines where tool interference may be an issue.
  • Very easy to setup & use.
    • Simply set gap between jaws 1/8" smaller than stock size.
    • As the bar puller slides over the bar along the x-axis, the fingers flex to provide the gripping force.
    • The turret then retracts along the z-axis, pulling the bar out the desired position.
  • Flexible heat-treated steel fingers provide strong gripping force.
  • Compact CNC Bar Puller can pull round, hex, & square stock.
  • Unit comes standard with one set of serrated jaws and one blank spindle bushing. Smooth jaws are available for pulling soft materials.


 Royal Heavy-Duty CNC Bar Puller
Pricing & Specifications
for Royal Heavy-Duty CNC Bar Puller
(Adobe PDF File - Approx. 218 KB)
Royal Heavy-Duty CNC Bar Pullers are the strongest bar pullers on the market.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty design withstands the toughest manufacturing environments.
  • Very easy to setup & use.
  • Capable of pulling round, hex, and square stock up to 6.5" in diameter.
  • Large, heavy internal die springs provide very high grip force, making this the strongest bar puller on the market.
  • Each bar puller includes one set of standard jaws & one blank spindle bushing. Extra capacity jaws sold separately.
  • Available in square & round shank versions.

COMBO CNC Bar Puller

 Royal Combo CNC Bar Puller
Pricing & Specifications
for Royal Combo CNC Bar Puller
(Adobe PDF File - Approx. 1.28 MB)


Royal Combo CNC Bar Pullers offer a unique two-in-one design.
  • The Royal Combo CNC Bar Puller is both a bar puller & a cut-off tool in one unit. Benefits of this design include:
    • Saving a turret station by combining two tools into one.
    • Reduced cycle time because the turret does not need to index between the cut-off & pulling operations.
  • Compact design: Can be used on all CNC lathes.
  • The Royal Combo CNC bar puller is very easy to setup & use.
  • Flexible heat-treated steel fingers provide strong grip force for pulling round, hex & square stock.
  • Unit comes standard with one set of serrated jaws & one blank spindle bushing. Order cut-off tool & insert separately.
  • Royal offers Kennametal tooling, but the Combo CNC Bar Puller is compatible with all major brands of cut-off holders and inserts.


Royal Grippex Coolant-Actuated Bar Puller
 Pricing & Specifications
for Royal Grippex 20L and Grippex 20S
Coolant-Actuated CNC Bar Pullers

(Adobe PDF File - Approx. 341 KB)
Royal Grippex 20L Coolant-Actuated CNC Bar Pullers have a self-adjusting mechanism, & can be operated by either coolant or compressed air.
  • The patented Grippex 20L CNC Bar Puller is actuated by a CNC lathe's coolant system. As coolant is fed through the unit, it pushes a piston forward which causes the fingers to close down on the bar stock. When the coolant is turned off, the fingers automatically spring open.
  • Self-adjusting mechanism, so no adjustment by the operator is necessary. The fingers will close down until they contact the bar stock; no presetting is necessary. This feature is especially useful for making multiple pulls on the same workpiece, even after the OD has been turned.
  • The Grippex Coolant Actuated Bar Puller is also useful as a part loader/unloader. When fitted with Robot Gripper Jaws, this tool can:
    • Remove finished parts from a machine's sub-spindle & place them into the parts catcher. This eliminates the need for unreliable ejectors & enables the sub-spindle to swallow longer parts.
    • Remove a bar remnant & drop it in the parts catcher for disposal. This prevents the remnant from falling into the chip conveyor where it could become jammed & cause damage to the conveyor.
  • Very high gripping force & smooth operation is achieved through a patented finger mechanism that pivots on roller bearings. As little as 15 psi of coolant pressure is enough to enable the Grippex to pull a 210 lb. bar!
  • Unit can also be operated by air pressure for custom applications.

Royal Grippex 20S Coolant-Actuated CNC Bar Puller has the same features as Grippex Model 20L.

  • Smaller body diameter enables 20S units to be used on machines with less tool clearance and smaller turrets.
  • Gripping force for 20S is quite high, but not as high as the 20L models.
  • 140 psi maximum coolant pressure.
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