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Rush Machinery - Grind Better.

Rush Machinery provides innovative, practical, and top quality products that save time and money, and improve the way people grind tools.

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Rush Machinery Drill Grinders, Tool Grinders & Sharpeners

Rush Machinery
specializes in manufacturing, servicing and marketing a complete line of production and support machinery for the cutting tool industry: Wheel Truing and Dressing Machines, Grinding Fluid Filtration Systems, Carbide Rod Cut-Off Machines, Polycrystalline Tool Grinders, Drill and Tool Grinders, as well as Tool Grinding Fixtures. With commitment to quality, service and innovation since 1983, Rush Machinery has become an industry leader. Rush Machinery stocks all machine parts, and offers service at your facility or their facility in Rushville, NY. Complete training services are available. Rush Machinery products are made in the USA.

ISMS is proud to be a Manufacturer Representative for Rush MachineryContact ISMS for more information or a quote on Rush Machinery, and "Grind Better." Some of the many high-quality Rush Machinery products are featured below. 

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Rush Drill and Tool Grinders are designed to reduce holemaking expenses by allowing users to quickly and accurately regrind their tools to the proper geometry whenever it is needed. Rush Drill and Tool Grinders incorporate versatility, rapid set-up and accuracy into rugged and affordable machines. Rush Machinery Grinders drill point capabilities include: standard drill point grinding, point thinning, split point, web thinning, spiral point, lip correction, sheet metal point, structural steel point, double angle, four-facet, flat-bottom, and plastic point.

Rush machines handle: parabolic flute drills, slow and fast spiral drills, left-hand tools, step tools, center drills, taps, reamers, countersinks, end mills and counterbores, carbide and carbide-tipped tools, and core drills. All models feature ruggedly constructed dovetail ways with adjustable tapered gibs. They are covered by accordion or metal covers. The traverse way has an adjustable stop. The infeed and traverse feed handwheels are graduated in thousandths of an inch or metric increments. The grinding spindle assembly incorporates permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearings. The spindle shaft has a standard tapered end to minimize run out, which is a particular advantage when using diamond or CBN grinding wheels. Contact ISMS for Rush Drill Grinders & Tool Grinders.

Rush Machinery Model 132c Rush Machinery Model 132C incorporates versatility, rapid setup and accuracy into a rugged and affordable machine.  It has a .080" (2 mm) to 1.25" (32 mm) diameter capacity and it can grind tools with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 10 flutes. Our unique design features point splitting and web thinning capability and it allows quick grinding of almost any HSS or carbide drill point.  The proper geometry for the application can maximize drilling performance to provide the lowest cost per hole. Stepdrills, taps, reamers, countersinks and end mill ends are easily ground with minimal setup changes.  In addition, the standard workhead can be exchanged in less than one minute with the optional air-bearing attachment for grinding end mill ODs.
Rush Machinery Model 250A Rush Machinery Model 250A has a 2:1 ratio only, and capacity of 3/32" to 2" diameter.  All models use hardened cams and the cam change takes only 5 seconds. When no cam is in place, the workhead can be used to spin grind or index grind (12 positions). The Model 250A incorporates a wide capacity and versatility in an affordable package. The innovative design of the Model 250A allows for the grinding of almost any drill geometry, and most are completed in a single chucking. The versatility also extends to taps, reamers, countersinks and end mills. Many of these tools can be ground with very little change in set-up. The Model 250A is available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic in-feed version. 

Additionally, Rush Model 250A is available as a structural steel version specially equipped for easily putting the structural steel point on drills.
Rush Machinery Model 252 Rush Machinery Model 252 is the most versatile drill and tool grinder available today. Capacity is 3/32" to 2" diameter. The 252 can grind odd-numbered fluted tools (1, 3, 5 & 7) as well as even numbered fluted tools (2, 4, 6, 8, & 10). This is achieved with the use of a unique dual-cam workhead. The inner cam rotates at 2:1 gear ratio to grind even numbered fluted tools. The outer cam rotates at a 1:1 ratio for odd-numbered fluted tools.

Rush Model 252 is available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic in-feed versions.
Rush Machinery Model 380 Rush Machinery Model 380 drill and tool grinder is a heavy-duty machine designed for grinding even numbered fluted drills, taps, reamers, countersinks and endmills up into the larger sizes - 3/16" to 3-1/8" (5 - 80 mm).

Rush Model 380 is available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic infeed versions.
Rush Machinery Model 382S Rush Machinery Model 382S offers a unique combination of versatility and capacity. It has a dual-cam workhead for grinding both odd (1, 3, 5 & 7) and even (2, 4, 6, 8 & 10) numbered flutes and the large capacity of the Model 380. The Model 380 workhead has only even-fluted capability.

The Model 382S drill and tool grinder is available in semi-automatic and automatic infeed versions.

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Rush Polycrystalline Tool Grinders allow for economical manufacturing and regrinding of: PCD, CVD, PCBN, Carbide, and HSS tools.  These machines grind angles and radii on standard and special turning and milling inserts, boring tools, milling cutters, grooving tools, reamers, and other special tools.  The rigid construction with a 3-HP variable speed grinding spindle provides for vibration-free grinding and fast stock removal. Contact ISMS for Rush Polycrystalline Drill Grinders & Tool Grinders.
Rush Machinery Model FC-200D Polycrystalline Tool Grinder Both the Rush Model FC-200D and the Rush Model FC-500D feature a unique video optical system with 15-120x (zoom) magnification and a black and white video monitor.  This system provides a higher magnification and/or a larger field of view than most machine-mounted optical comparator systems.  In addition, the video camera moves with the worktable for easy set-up and for inspection during and after grinding.  Their rigid construction and a 3 Hp variable speed grinding spindle allow for vibration-free grinding and fast stock removal.
Rush Machinery Model FC-500D Polycrystalline Tool Grinder The Rush Model FC-500D is a larger, more versatile machine than the FC-200D.  In addition to all of the capabilities of the Model FC-200D, the Model FC-500D features vertical grinding spindle travel, a wheel travel range of 500 mm and an oscillation stroke of 70mm.  The Model FC-500D is also designed for grinding reamers, drills, end mills, and multi-step form tools.


Rush Machinery FC-300 Grinding Fluid Filtration System Rush Machinery Grinding Fluid Filtration Systems filter either grinding oils to one micron particle size or water-based fluids to five micron nominal particle size, using edge filtration technology.  Designed to integrate with most grinding, lapping and honing machines in use today, the Rush systems provide continuous filtration, automatic back flush, and clean oil on demand to your machines.


Rush Machinery Auto-Cut CNC Carbide Rod Cut-Off Machine Rush Machinery “Auto-Cut” CNC Carbide Cut-Off Machine automatically cuts carbide rod into precision lengths.  This production machine, designed for cutting tool manufacturers and carbide rod processors, has a large capacity magazine and an automatic loader to allow for hours of unattended operation.

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