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ISMS™ is an Authorized Distributor for LMT USA / LMT TOOLS, including LMT Fette, LMT Belin, LMT Bilz, LMT Kieninger, LMT Onsrud, & LMT Boehlerit. LMT Group Products include Fette Thread Rolling Die Heads & Thread Rolls, Thread Rolling Systems, Thread Rolling Attachments, Threading Tools, Gear Cutting Tools, Milling Cutters, Chamfering Tools, & Other High Performance Tooling for the Precision Metalworking Industry.

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LMT USA Tooling Products: Fette, Kieninger, Boehlerit, Belin, Bilz, & OnsrudLMT USA, Inc. products are recognized as market leaders for increasing productivity, tool life and overall tool performance. In North America, LMT specializes in applications where the strengths of all six companies offer customers unrivaled solutions. These specialties include Automotive Components, Mold & Die Solutions, Threaded Products, Steel & Tube Processing, Gear Cutting, & Cutting Tool Reconditioning.

About LMT USA:  First known as Saarberg Intertool in 1982, the company originally focused on hobs, end mills, crankshaft milling tools, and thread rolling tools. Saarberg Intertool came to be known as Fette Tool Systems in 1998 and product lines were expanded to include indexable carbide milling cutters. In 1996, Wilhelm Fette GmbH, the parent company of Fette Tool Systems, joined with two industry leaders, Boehlerit and Kieninger to form the Leitz Metalworking Technologies Group. Fette Tool Systems evolved into LMT-Fette Inc, and most recently LMT USA.

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LMT GROUP Companies

LMT Fette thread rolling systems & precision cutting tools distributed by ISMS: die heads, rolls, taps & more.LMT Fette      LMT FETTE (Germany) is the world's leading manufacturer of precision cutting tools, gear hobs, thread rolling systems and tap drills.

About LMT Fette: 
Fette was founded in 1908 by toolmaker Wilhelm Fette, and about 1100 people now work at its main base at Schwarzenbek near Hamburg, Germany. Fette made the first gear hob as early as 1916, and the company is still today the world's leader in this field. Together with other tool manufacturers, Wilhem Fette founded the German Precision Tool Association (Deutscher Präzisionswerkzeugverband) in 1917. Setting up the first high-speed steel tempering shops in the middle of the 1930s laid the foundations for the development of a comprehensive range of extremely high-performance tools. In the 1950s, Fette presented a new generation of patented thread rolling heads for the first time, with which threads could be manufactured without cutting. Since then, the company has driven the development of metal machining forwards through large numbers of innovative tools, cutting materials and coating systems. Fette's range of products now comprises a wide spectrum of precision tools for both cutting and chipless metal machining. Fette is a founding member of LMT, which was created in 1993, and serves within the group as the competence center for the tooth cutting and rolling fields, as well as for milling.

ISMS distributes LMT Kieninger tools

LMT Kieninger    LMT KIENINGER (Germany) has established itself globally as a specialist in special tools for demanding cutting jobs. The company is a technical leader in tool systems for complex drilling tasks, special cutting systems and the precision machining for die and mold making and for model construction.

About LMT Kieninger: 
Kieninger was founded in Germany in 1960 by Walter Kieninger, and its patented inserted-tooth milling cutter systems are among the developments that have shown the way forward for the entire metal-processing industry. First introduced in 1979, they provide the foundation for an entire system family, whose continuous further development nowadays stands for the maximum quality in surface milling. As the competence center for die and mold making and for component machining, the company, whose headquarters are in Lahr, places particular emphasis on the automobile and automobile supplier industries.

ISMS distributes LMT Boehlerit threading tools

LMT BoehleritLMT BOEHLERIT (Austria) is among the world's leading manufacturers of carbide cutting materials for metal, wood and plastic machining tools, and is a pioneer in carbide development.

About LMT Boehlerit: 
The name of this Austrian company originates with the metallurgists at the Böhler factory in Düsseldorf, who gave the name Boehlerit to the carbide they first developed in 1932. The trade name was kept as production was moved from Düsseldorf to Kapfenberg in Austria at the beginning of the 1950s. As specialists in the development and manufacture of cutting materials and carbides, Boehlerit has remained a leader in the entire tool sector ever since.

LMT Belin tools

LMT Belin  LMT BELIN (France) specializes in precision tools for machining plastics, light metals and composite materials.

About LMT Belin:  Based in Lavancia, France, the company was founded by Yvon Belin in 1962. Belin first developed tools for machining spectacle frames and components. In response to the growing demand from the French automobile industry for tools with which aluminum could be machined, Belin began to develop PCD tools. Today the company's range of products includes solid carbide and PCD shanked mills, form milling cutters and special cutters, high-performance reamers, engraving tools and sheet-cutting knives, as well as special tools for the aerospace industry. Belin has been part of LMT since 2001. Belin and Onsrud together form the group's competence center for the machining of composite materials.

LMT Bilz Thermogrip Tool Holding

LMT Bilz      LMT BILZ (Germany) is one of the world's leading suppliers of tool chucking systems and equipment for tool set-up. In addition to clamping chucks and shrink chucks for thermal clamping (ThermoGrip), quick-change chucks and high-performance equipment for thread cutting are included in the product range.

About LMT Bilz:  The story of the company, which is based at Ostfildern near Stuttgart, began in 1919. Together with his father, the company's founder, Otto Bilz made machine parts and other equipment for both Daimler Benz and Robert Bosch in his cellar. As early as 1924, Bilz was using reversing gear technology to tap threads – a principle on which modern thread tapping equipment is still based. There was another breakthrough in 1950: Otto Bilz invented the world's first quick-change chuck for multi-spindle machines and transfer lines. In 1999, the company first introduced a system for clamping tools of every kind: ThermoGrip, a thermal shrink chucking system that makes it possible to change tools within a few seconds, and which has now become established as a standard.

LMT Onsrud tools

LMT Onsrud  LMT ONSRUD (USA) specializes in tools for high-speed machining of aluminum, plastics and composite materials.

About LMT Onsrud:  The company was founded in 1912 in Chicago by Oscar Onsrud. At the suggestion of a friend, in 1915 Onsrud and his son developed a manually controlled cutter driven by compressed air. Onsrud cutters have met rapid success, and are valued in the aircraft industry and elsewhere. Today the range of products includes a wide spectrum of milling and cutting tools. The company is one of the world's technically most advanced suppliers of tool solutions for machining difficult composite materials. Together with Belin, Onsrud forms the competence center within LMT for the machining of composite materials.

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