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Bijur Lubricating Corp.


Bijur offers a number of systems to meet the specialized needs of a wide variety of applications, including the automatic lubrication of on/off-road vehicles, pressurized fluid dispensing, and high-speed anti-friction bearings lubrication.


Bijur Specialty Systems 

Bijur FluidFlex System Bijur FluidFlex System
Bijur's FluidFlex pressurized dispensing system is designed for maximum efficiency, accuracy, and control when dispensing virtually any fluid used in manufacturing or process industries. The FluidFlex low pressure dispensing system easily adapts to any industrial process or machine type that requires a controlled flow of fluid during operation. The air-actuated system dispenses a wide range of fluids, from water-based coolants to viscous lubricants to synthetic fluids.


Bijur Air/Oil System Bijur Air/Oil System
Bijur Air/Oil systems use Positive Displacement Injectors (PDIs) to deliver precise amounts of oil intermittently into a controlled, continuous air stream. Air flow propels droplets of oil along the inside wall of a small bore tube to the lubrication point.

A wide selection of injector rates and individual, adjustable air flow delivery provides precise control of air and oil for continuous lubrication.


Bijur ChassisCare System Bijur ChassisCare System 
Automatic lubrication systems for off-road vehicles deliver soft and medium greases to chassis lube points under dynamic or working conditions. Kits available for a wide variety of trucks and equipment. Timer-controlled, motor driven, progressive system.

Levermatic lubrication for off-road vehicles. These lever-actuated single line resistance oil systems are ideally suited for farm machinery, hay balers, off-road vehicles, etc.


Bijur RetrievALL

Bijur RetrievALL    
Unique air powered vacuum device siphons "escaping" fluids from hydraulic seals on machinery. Fluids are collected in a central reservoir.

At a pre-arranged level, fluid is automatically discharged from device. Collected hydraulic fluids can be returned to original system for reuse.

  • Eliminates costly hydraulic seal leaks

  • Creates clean work environment

  • Improves plant safety

  • Reduces product spoilage

  • Monitors leakage rates with controller / totalizer

  • Tracks pre-set fault limits

  • Delivers predictable maintenance


Bijur HyperFormance Reclamation System Bijur HyperFormance Reclamation System 
The HyperFormance Air/Oil Reclamation System siphons stray air/oil droplets from enclosures to a central reservoir. On entering the HyperFormance reservoir, the air/oil mix is simultaneously separated and clean filtered air is released from the unit.

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ISMS also sells Bijur  Manual Grease Pumps & Manual Oil Pumps, Metering and Control Units, Lubrication Controllers, and Automatic Grease Pumps & Automatic Oil Pumps

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