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ISMS™ is an Authorized Distributor for Davenport Machine, incl. Davenport HP High Precision Screw Machine, Davenport Model B Screw Machine, Davenport Chucker, HP High Precision Head, Oversize Revolving Head & Stationary Head, Attachments & Davenport OEM Replacement Parts.  ISMS is an Authorized Davenport Machine Rebuilder.

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Davenport Machine

Davenport Machine manufactures multi-spindle automatic screw machines, tooling, and genuine Davenport replacement parts.

With the legendary Davenport Model B and the precision-oriented Davenport HP, Davenport Machine continues to prove that there is no more efficient way of producing large volumes of small, precision parts than on a Davenport. From Aerospace fasteners to plumbing and electrical connectors, manufacturing companies around the world continue to rely on Davenport Machines to get the job done quickly and profitably.

Manufacturer of
The World's Fastest Screw Machine
DAVENPORT HP - High Precision Screw Machine

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Davenport HP Machine - High Precision Screw Machine distributed by ISMS
The Davenport HP machine is the machine of choice for hundreds of customers worldwide who require increased productivity in small parts manufacturing.

Davenport HP owners can now meet digital-age, global production level demands with the speed, accuracy and flexibility of the Davenport HP machine. The Davenport HP is the ideal machine for long or short runs of small parts. A powerful PLC controller means reduced set-up times and adjustments and allows for operators to concentrate more on producing parts rather than fine-tuning adjustments.

The Davenport HP machine, making its first appearance in 2000 as the Davenport Servo B, continues to roll out major product enhancements to meet the evolving demands in high-speed machining.

DAVENPORT MODEL B - Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine
Davenport Model B Multi-Spindle Screw Machine distributed by ISMS

Since 1900 the Davenport Model B has been the most profitable multi-spindle automatic screw machine available.

With a Davenport it takes less time to make a part because setup is simplified and operating time is minimal. The Model B comes equipped with Threading, 5th Position Burring Attachment, Countersink Attachment, Centerdrive, Chip Conveyor, Motor, Electrics, Stock Reel with Cover, and Noisetamer Sound Enclosure.

When purchased with a Cucchi Automatic Loader the machine will be configured as above less Stock Reel, Stock Reel Cover and Stock Depletion Sensor. Cucchi Automatic Loader priced upon request.

DAVENPORT CHUCKER - Five Spindle Chucking Machine
Davenport Chucker, 5-Spindle Chucking Machine, distributed by ISMS

The Davenport Chucker five spindle chucking machine is adaptable to medium and high volume secondary operation work on parts up to 2 1/4” diameter.

Optimum machining flexibility is provided through 9 tooling positions, while common operations such as cross drilling, cross tapping, thread rolling, milling, flycutting, and slotting are accommodated through the use of standard Davenport attachments.

Idle time is only .4 seconds. This idle time, teamed with unparalleled machining versatility, has allowed the Davenport Chucker to become the most economical chucking machine on the market today.

DAVENPORT HP HEAD - High Precision Head
Davenport HP Head, High Precision Head for Davenport Machine distributed by ISMS

Davenport Machine introduces the HP Head, a new dimension of accuracy and repeatability for your Model B and Davenport HP machines!

By redesigning and improving the manufacturing process for the revolving head and the five integral spindles, Davenport introduces the new High Precision (HP) Head. Now standard on the Davenport HP!

The new design has stiffened the machine revolving spindles by replacing bronze or needle bearings with ABEC 9 angular contact radial bearings. This improvement now delivers spindle run-out consistently less than 0.0005". The revolving head has remained consistent in it's design, however, the manufacturing process has been upgraded to produce a more precise part. The result is a head that provides index repeatability to within 0.0006".

Davenport Oversize Revolving Head & Stationary Head are distributed by ISMS

Davenport Machine now manufactures Oversize Revolving (8-SA) and Stationary (9-27) Heads.

If the bed casting that aligns the revolving head on your Davenport becomes worn and you choose to re-bore, as opposed to banding and boring, Davenport can offer you an Oversize Revolving Head. After you re-bore your machine, it should clean up in the .010" to .030" range. You can then call and order the appropriate head dimension. With oversize head blanks in stock, we can manufacture a revolving or stationary head to your specifications up to .035" over the original dimension.

A Certificate of Compliance with head serial number is available with all revolving heads purchased - OEM Standard or OEM Oversized. Deliveries are within 24 hours if ordered by 2:00 p.m. EST in .001 increments. Davenport offers the most cost-effective oversize heads on the market.

Davenport Machine Attachment distributed by ISMS

Davenport Machine has hundreds of attachments, which allow parts to be made complete in most cases, and eliminate expensive secondary operations.

This unique versatility has kept Davenport Machine in the forefront of screw machine technology for many years. Attachments are what give Davenport an advantage over any other machine tool in the world. The use of attachments for procedures such as cross drilling, slotting, thread rolling, and flat generation, allow Davenport to perform a wide variety of machine operations while maintaining the fastest cycle times in the industry.

Davenport Replacement Parts distributed by ISMS

Davenport Replacement Parts are the only ISO Certified parts available on the market today.

Davenport Machine provides the highest-quality OEM replacement parts. The company's authorized price list reflects OEM parts pricing for over 3,000 parts related to the repair and maintenance of global installations of Davenport's five-spindle automatic screw machines including Davenport's HP and Model B.

  • Contact ISMS, "The Davenport Specialists", for a price quote or more information on Davenport Replacement Parts.

ISMS is an Authorized Davenport Machine Rebuilder

ISMS is proud to be an Authorized Rebuilder for Davenport Machine. Remanufactured machines include:

  • Factory OEM parts that have been manufactured to the highest quality standards.

  • Machines are inspected and assembled by trained and experienced factory technicians.

  • Optional Davenport-designed attachments for application specific needs.

  • Noise enclosures and safety door interlocks available to conform to OSHA requirements.

  • Optional High Precision (HP) Head and Spindles available only from factory.

  • Upgrade to HP Machine available

List of items included in Davenport Model B and Chucker Remanufactures

  • Grow your business faster with Davenport, the World's Fastest Screw Machine.

  • Choose Davenport Machines for Aerospace, Automotive, Electrical, Medical, Electronics & Commercial Applications.

  • Contact ISMS, "The Davenport Specialists", for all your Davenport Machine needs.



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