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Royal Products Filtermist Mist Collectors
Royal Filtermist Mist Collectors

Eliminate Mist & Smoke in Your Shop
Low Cost, Highly Efficient Mist Collectors Designed Specifically for the Metalworking Industry

Royal Filtermist FX Series Mist Collectors for Metalworking Pollution Control

Royal Filtermist is the World's Leading Mist Collector for Metalworking Pollution Control.

For the past 30 years, the Royal Filtermist has been effectively collecting oil mist and smoke generated by all types of metalworking machinery. There are currently over 125,000 Filtermist units operating in over 40 countries worldwide, making Filtermist the world's leading mist collector.

Throughout its history, the Royal Filtermist has undergone continuous design improvements. The latest version, the Filtermist FX-Series, is the product of extensive computer-aided modeling and laboratory testing.

While the Royal Filtermist continues to be based on the well-established principle of centrifugal impaction, its design improvements have resulted in the most advanced and effective system available for the removal of oil mist and smoke created by metalworking machinery.

The Royal Filtermist is available in four sizes ranging from 300 cfm to 1200 cfm, and its flexible design enables it to be mounted in a variety of ways, including: directly to the top of a machine tool, on a stand, or suspended from a factory ceiling. Maintenance and operating costs of the Royal Filtermist are minimal.

All Royal Filtermist units are sold with a 45-day risk-free performance guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Royal Filtermist - the world leader in metalworking pollution control.

Choose a Royal Filtermist for Every Metalworking Application. 

Increase machine tool speeds & feeds, reduce operating costs, & meet OSHA requirements. The low-cost, highly efficient Royal Filtermist effectively collects mist & smoke generated by all types of machines, including

Royal Filtermist removes oil mist & smoke created by metalworking machinery.
  • CNC Lathes
  • Swiss-Style CNC's
  • Machining Centers
  • Screw Machines
  • Rotary Transfer Machines
  • Milling Machines
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Cold Heading Machines
  • EDM Machines
  • Manual Lathes
  • Grinders
  • Gear Hobbers
  • Aqueous Parts Washers
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Printing Presses
  • Baking Lines

Royal FX Series Filtermists are available in 4 sizes, & with various mounting options.Royal Filtermist FX Series is Available in 4 Sizes, Based on Throughput Capacities:  300, 575, 900, and 1200 cfm.

  • Here's a formula to help you obtain a rough idea of your requirements:  Filtermist Size = Internal Enclosure Volume x 5.

  • Example:  Suppose you have a small CNC lathe with an internal work envelope measuring 5 ft. wide x 3 ft. deep x 4 ft high. Multiplying 5x3x4, we see that the machine has an enclosure volume of 60 cu. ft. Multiplying 60x5, we see that 300 cfm is required, so we'd choose the Model FX-300.

  • If you are not sure which unit to use, please contact ISMS or one of Royal's application engineers.

Why Choose Royal Filtermist for the Metalworking Industry?
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Quality
  • Vibration Control
  • Low Operating Costs
  • No Heat/AC Waste
  • Flexibility
  • Modular Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Wide Range of Sizes
  • Strong Technical Support
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Proven Worldwide

A Wide Variety of Mounting Options Makes the Royal Filtermist Easy to Install.

  • Direct Mount
  • Suspended Mount
  • Floor Stand
  • Machine Top Stand
  • Wall Mount
  • Machine Side Mount
Royal Filtermist Performance Accessories
  • Cyclonic Swarf Separator - Recommended for applications that generate solid particles, such as wet grinding dust, cast iron fines, etc. Also good for high-speed aluminum milling that produces light fly-away chips. For models FX-900 & FX-1200.
  • Chip Deflector - Protects the Filtermist intake from chips & direct coolant splash. Fits all 4 models.
  • Noise Attenuator - Reduces noise level by 5 dB. Fits models FX-900 & FX-1200.

Filtermist is just one of the many Royal Products distributed by ISMS.

ISMS distributes Noise Tamer Machine Enclosures & Trusty-Cook Hush Tubes for screw machine noise reduction; Tri-Mist Mist Collectors for air pollution control, & a wide variety of products for the metalworking industry, including Davenport Machines & Swistek Swiss Live Tools for Star CNC, Citizen & Swistek.

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