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REGO-FIX Swiss Precision Tools

REGO-FIX® Swiss Precision Tools

ISMS distributes REGO-FIX Swiss Precision Tool Products for the Metalworking Industry

  • REGO-FIX® is one of the leading precision tool manufacturers serving the metal working industry throughout the world.
REGO-FIX Swiss screw machine tooing
Swiss Automatics

REGO-FIX tooling for Swiss Automatics is manufactured in Switzerland and is ISO 9001 Certified. REGO-FIX has manufactured quality tool holding products since 1950, and continues to be recognized as a worldwide leader and innovator of high quality tool holding products.

In the manufacturing world, there are many different types of machines and machining processes. That's why we have taken our main catalog and broken it down to the tools that you need specifically for your Swiss Screw Machines. From Tornos©, Star©, and any other brand of screw machine, we have what you need in one easy to use 20 page PDF Catalog:  Swiss Automatics Catalog.



ER Collets

The REGO-FIX standard ER collet is the most widely used clamping system in the world. Originally created and patented in 1973 by REGO-FIX, it is ideal for a variety of machining applications including boring, milling, reaming, tapping and grinding.

Unlike the Form A nominal diameter collets, Form B collets have a wide clamping range. With a short design profile and greater elasticity, the ER Form B collet offers tighter precision than competitor's collets when used with the REGO-FIX system.

  • Sizes starting at ER 8 through ER 50
  • ER collets can accurately clamp tool shanks ranging from .5mm (.0197") up to 34mm (1.3386")
  • ER Collets are available in standard (ER) and ultra precision (ER-UP) accuracies.


REGO-FIX Swiss Precision Tool Holders

ER Toolholders

For highest precision and best results, the total system counts. For that reason, all REGO-FIX components (collets, clamping nuts and toolholders) are carefully matched to fit together. This guarantees lowest T.I.R. and maximum balancing. For best manufacturing results and longest tool life, please use REGO-FIX toolholders together with REGO-FIX collets and clamping nuts only. For highest clamping force, as required for tapping with GB collets or ET1 collets, we recommend REGO-FIX friction bearing nuts.

  • ISO Holders

    REGO-FIX collet holders with ISO shank per DIN STD 2080 are used on conventional milling machines. The shank of type ISO 40 incorporates a retention groove per system OTT. Upon request, end mill and universal shell mill/face mill holders can be supplied with retention groove per system OTT.
  • CAT Holders

    REGO-FIX CAT/ER toolholders are available in various gauge lengths. They are designed for use on machining centers with automatic tool change. REGOFIX Q+ System CAT/ER collet holders are balanced by design to G 2.5 @ balanced for high speeds in excess of 22,000 rpm and higher.
  • BT / TC Holders

    REGO-FIX BT/ER collet holders are designed for use on machine centers with automatic tool change. REGO-FIX Q+ System BT/ER collet holders are balanced by design to G 2.5 @ balanced for high speeds in excess of 22,000 rpm and higher. 

New - Keyless BT 30 Holders

New - Zero-Z Holders

  • HSK Holders

    REGO-FIX Toolholders with HSK taper per DIN STD 69893 are used on modern CNC milling machines of the latest generation. For coolant through tools, HSK toolholders can be equipped with a coolant tube (KSR) that ducts the coolant directly to the cutting tool, thereby prohibiting coolant to enter and soil the HSK taper area. REGO-FIX Q+ HSK toolholders are balanced by design to G 2.5 @ balanced for high speeds in excess of 25,000 rpm and higher.
REGO-FIX Floating Holder
  • Floating Holders
  • REGO-FIX floating chucks are excellent tools for reaming and tapping. Their design is such that the tool is self-centering in the vertical and horizontal position. The float is always parallel to the rotational axis and the rotation is both clockwise and counterclockwise. The self-centering feature allows very precise positioning of the reaming or tapping tool. This is especially important in horizontal applications, where on ordinary floating chucks the weight of the tool tends to dislocate the tool from the rotational axis. REGO-FIX floating chucks are a very universal and economical solution to your reaming and tapping problems. products.


REGO-FIX powRgrip - PGU 9000 Automatic Clamping Unit Shown

powRgrip® System

REGO-FIX powRgrip ColletThe powRgrip® system is a mechanical clamping system that generates the highest clamping forces, unbeatable run-out, and the ability to use different size tools all in the same holder. The PG system consists of a toolholder, high precision collet, and a compact bench-top hydraulic press to insert the collet into the holder.

The specially designed collets are inserted with up to nine tons of force, creating gripping strengths higher than shrink fit without the small tool and cutter type limitations of using high temperature shrink systems. Tool changes take just seconds, instead of minutes.

Download REGO-FIX powRgrip® Catalog  (PDF file - 1.55MB)


REGO-FIX Swiss Precision Machines

Machines & Accessories

Machines - REGO-FIX® offers many new machines for your toolholding needs. They include the new Balancing Machine and Presetter.

Accessories - REGO-FIX® has all of your toolholding accessories available as well.  These include out HI-Q nuts, torque wrenches, speeders, angle heads and more.

REGO-FIX Presetter Machine
  • Presetter Machine

Presetting made easy! Introducing the TM10 and TM 20 presetters from REGO-FIX. All units come with easy to use touch panel controls.  These new pre-setters will help make any machine shop more productive and efficient in their tool set-ups.  REGO-FIX Presetter Machine Features & Benefits 

Advantages of Presetting your tools:

  • No need to touch-off the tools in the machine.
  • Measure the run-out of your tools before you cut.
  • Measure angles and radii of inserts and mills.
  • Accurately measure your tool dimensions.
  • Better tool inspection capabilities.
  • Increased machine uptime.
REGO-FIX Balancing Machine
  • Balancing Machine

REGO-FIX Balancing RingsSince the invention of the ER collet in 1972, REGO-FIX has had a long history of innovation. In 2002, we do it again with our new balanceable toolholder. You can now turn our new standard toolholders into a balanceable toolholder with the addition of two balancing rings. No more annoying screws or weighted balls to loose and no more expensive toolholders to buy. Just adjust the rings where the balancing machine specifies, and you are ready to go.

Balancing your toolholders has never been easier or more cost effective. You can use almost any balancing machine that you already use, or check our complete line of single and dual plane balancing machines. The new REGO-FIX balanceable toolholder will also extend spindle bearing life, improve surface finish, extend tool life, and increase chip load. In other words, a balanced toolholder will save you money and improve your machining processes. 
REGO-FIX Balancing Machine Features & Benefits

  • Hi-Q / ER Standard Clamping Nuts

The new REGO-FIX® Hi-Q nuts have the following benefits:

  • Imbalance compensation for high-speed applications
  • Up to 80% higher clamping force
  • New Collet Locking System\
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Interchangeable with all other nuts per DIN STD 6499
    (Not interchangeable with mini-nuts)

REGO-FIX Sealing Disk


  • Sealing Disk

When your machining process requires coolant through the tool, the REGO-FIX sealing disk is the perfect solution. In this system, no special collet is needed. A sealing disk will snap into a coolant clamping nut forming a seal that will hold pressures up to 2000 psi.

With this system, the disk does not come into contact with the collet, which will not interfere with the performance of the tool. The disk is also great for keeping dirt and debris from entering the collet cavity.

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