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ISMS™ is an Authorized Distributor for Royal Products Rota-Rack® Parts Accumulator, a cost-saving accessory for bar-fed CNC lathes equipped with a parts catcher.

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Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator from Royal Products

Royal Rota Rack Parts Accumulator

Royal Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator for Bar-Fed CNC lathes
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  • Safely collect large volumes of finished parts
  • Use with any CNC lathe equipped with a parts catcher
  • Achieve significant improvements in both part quality and profitability

If You Barfeed, You Need a Royal Rota-Rack® to Seriously Increase Your Profits.

Do you bar feed? Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator can be used with any CNC lathe equipped with a parts catcher.The patent-pending Royal Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator is a lean, cost-effective device that enables any bar-fed CNC lathe to run unattended for extended periods of time. The unit indexes each time a finished part exits the machine, safely collecting and protecting finished workpieces.

The Royal Rota-Rack consists of a heavy-duty welded steel turntable, solid-state PLC control, and optional integrated conveyor. All contact surfaces are covered with a high-lubricity UHMW plastic for optimum workpiece protection. A one-meter diameter turntable provides over 850 square inches of usable surface area and has a payload capacity of 700 pounds.

The universal design of the Royal Rota-Rack enables it to be used with any CNC lathe that is equipped with a parts catcher. The unit can be mounted either to the left or right side of the machine tool, and it is height-adjustable from 11-50 inches. Programming takes approximately 20-seconds with the intuitive touch-screen PLC control, and no machine tool interface is required. The Rota-Rack operates on standard 110v electrical power.

By providing a method for safely collecting large volumes of finished parts, the Royal Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator helps manufacturers achieve significant improvements in both part quality and profitability.

Benefits of the Royal Rota-Rack include:

  • Competitive Pricing:  The Royal Rota-Rack typically pays for itself within the first few months of use.
  • Ability:  The ability to run a second or third shift with existing equipment and no additional employees, first-shift employees are freed up to handle more productive tasks, risk of part damage is greatly reduced, and parts are kept in order for quality control purposes.
  • Reliability:  The Rota-Rack doesn't take sick days, and will keep your machines running long after your last employee has left for the night or weekend.

Keep your bar-fed CNC lathes running with a Rota-Rack, & increase profits.

  • Easy to Use:  The Royal Rota-Rack is very simple to setup and operate.

    • User enters the part cycle time & degree of turntable rotation via a simple PLC controller. A counter can also be set to shut the Rota-Rack down after a specified number of parts have been collected.

    • As a finished part comes out of the lathe, it drops onto the conveyor & is moved towards the Rota-Rack's rotating turntable.

    • Each time a part comes out of the machine, the Rota-Rack indexes to the next position. The degree of turntable rotation is easily adjusted according to part length.

    • As the turntable indexes, the parts are gently guided towards the center via the spiral.

    • After several hours of unmanned production, finished parts are manually removed from the center of the Rota-Rack.

Features of the Royal Rota-Rack include:
  • A unique rotary spiral that safely directs parts to the center of the turntable
  • A low-friction UHMW material covers all contact surfaces for superior part protection
  • The Royal Rota-Rack is especially good at protecting straight edges of milled parts – often a difficult task with other collection methods  
  • Can be used to keep parts in order for quality control purposes
  • No machine interface is required – unit plugs into a 110v outlet and the operator sets the index functions with a a simple touch-screen PLC 
  • The degree of rotation is easily adjusted, enabling the Rota-Rack to handle short and long parts 
  • Large capacity – 36" diameter turntable provides over 850 square inches of surface area
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction enables the Rota-Rack to handle up to 700 lbs. of parts
  • Universal design adapts to virtually all CNC lathes:
    • Left/Right positioning 
    • Optional conveyor with coolant tray
    • Height-adjustable from 10.5” to 53"
Royal Products Rota-Rack
Parts Accumulator
Royal Products Rota-Rack is available from ISMS.
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